Club Circle, Lilac Lane and Poplar Drive Road

Starting on or about May 1, the Village’s construction contractor, UPI LLC, will begin road and utility reconstruction activities on Club Circle, Lilac Lane and Poplar Drive.  Work to be performed includes replacing the water mains along each road, installing new water service laterals for each property (to the curb stop/right of way line), replacing selected driveway culverts, regrading the ditches, replacing and installing new storm sewer pipe, repaving the roads and performing landscape restoration activities.  Work on Poplar will begin around May 1 while work on Club Circle, Lilac Lane and Merrie Lane will begin about May 14.  Work will continue throughout spring and summer.

Staff held a public information meeting on Monday, April 16, and described the sequencing of construction, schedule, and impacts.  A copy of the presentation can be found at the attached link.  Some things to consider prior to and during construction include the following:

•  Residents affected by construction are requested to contact staff should they have dog fences, sprinkler systems or buried pipes that extend into the right of way (the ditch area adjacent to the road).  If they do, our contractor will make every effort to preserve the integrity of the private system but the Village cannot make any promises that the dog fences, sprinkler systems or buried pipes will not be damaged and may not be able to be repaired by the Village or its contractor.

•  Village staff will be replacing the end walls at the end of each driveway (where there will be culvert pipes).  Driveways that form a high point in the drainage system will not receive any end walls.

•  Village staff is aware of ten (10) properties that have lead water service laterals.  These are located at 8020 and 8217 North Poplar Drive, 7710, 7807, 7836, 7850, 7855, and 7875 North Club Circle, 7846 North Lake Drive and 1469 East Lilac Lane.  The contractor has provided the Village with a supplemental price to replace the lead water service laterals which is dependent on the size of the service feeding the house/property.  The cost to replace the lead water service lateral is the responsibility of the property owner and ranges from $115/foot up to $172/foot plus $2,000 for any internal plumbing and electrical work. Residents who are interested in having their lead water service lateral replaced should contact Scott Brandmeier, Director of Public Works, at 414-351-8900 or prior to May 11.

•  Roads will be closed to through traffic throughout construction but will remain open to local traffic.  The school district, fire department and police department have been notified and the school district has been asked to inform the bus companies of the impacts during construction.

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