Liquor License

The Village has a limited number of Liquor Licenses available to establishments in the Village that serve or sell alcoholic beverages.  The fees depend upon the type of license issued. 

The following items must be submitted for all new applications:
All Liquor Licenses applications must be considered by the Village Board.  The Village Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month.  All Liquor License applications must be on file with the Village Clerk / Treasurer for at least 15 days prior to the granting of the license.

Each establishment with a Liquor License will also need to have licensed Operators, also known as Bartenders.  Visit the Operator's License page for more information.

For information on obtaining a Liquor License, please contact the Village 414-347-8900.

Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" (picnic) fermented malt beverage license. 

A temporary Class "B"/"Class B" (picnic) fermented malt beverage license shall permit the holder thereof to sell fermented malt beverages (including wine coolers with a fermented malt beverage base) to consumers at a picnic or similar gathering of limited duration for only those dates approved by the Village Board. Such licenses may be issued only to bona fide clubs, to county or local fair associations or agricultural societies, to churches, lodges or societies that have been in existence for at least six months and to veterans' organizations pursuant to § 125.26(6), Wis. Stats.

Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" (picnic license) Application